• Key Performance Indicator

    • Returns due to our error
    • First Contact Resolution

    • Phone Service Levels

    • Call Abandon Rates
    • Call Report Adherence (sales team logging calls on our Customer Relationship Management System)
    • Returns due to Manufacturing Faults (Customer Perception)
    Returns due to Manufacturing Faults (Confirmed after inspection)
  • Measure

    • Less than 1% of orders placed
    • 1.5 (average contact required to resolve an issue)
    • 80% of calls answered within 30 seconds (stretched target of 20 seconds from April onwards)
    • 2% of all calls
    • 100%

    • % by volume

    % by volume

  • February Results

    •      0.76%      
    • 2.7

    • 79%

    • 5%
    • 100%

    • 0.44%


  • March Results

    •       1.2%      
    • 1.8

    • 80%

    • 3%
    • 100%

    • 0.43%


  • April Results

    •      0.92%     
    • 1.4

    • 85%

    • 2%
    • 100%

    • 0.54%


Quality initiatives in progress
• From May soft close hinges will be upgraded on toilet seats to include a quick release hinge with increase strength and improved fixing to prevent seat movement and reduce cracking. This will be a rolling change across products in stock.
• The manufacturing process for the tops of the freestanding furniture (tall boys and short storage units) has been modified to eliminate cracking. This includes a change of material to European Oak and an improved construction method.
• The cleaning process has been improved for fitted furniture to ensure no excess glue is on the join of the lipping/edging. All stock is being reworked.
• The fit of the Dorchester square basin to vanity unit is being reviewed with further feedback expected by end of June.
• The issue with the Ryde tap indices coming apart has been identified as a result of the glue mix. This has now been addressed and future supplies will be correctly glued.

Customer Service initiatives in progress
The Contact Centre have been working towards a 'blended call model'. In a blended contact centre environment calls are prioritised so outbound agents can handle overflow from inbound agents if needed. This approach reduces the amount of idle time each agent experiences. In other words, it raises agent productivity resulting in calls being answered quicker. This, plus the investment in more agents, has meant that we have been able to meet our phone service levels. We will continue to invest time in our training to ensure the product knowledge of our agents is improved further and with correct resource in situ will enable us to continue to meet our commitment. This is also reflected in our 'First Contact Resolution' results.

This is only the first steps towards our plans to enhance the Contact Centre. We are currently exploring various options and technology in order for us to move towards a more 'account managed feel' so that where possible your call will be answered by the agent your first had contact with.

Purple Standard Initiatives
In line with our commitment to delivering excellence when it comes to both our service and our products we are launching four new surveys in July. They will target key topics such as the quality of our products, the support you receive from your Account Manager, our new customer on-boarding experience and general customer service. Please take a few minutes to complete these surveys and provide us with your valuable feedback so we can continue to improve.

We appreciate your feedback at any time, to send use your comments:

Online: www.heritagebathrooms.com/purplestandard
Email: purplestandard@heritagebathrooms.com

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