• Key Performance Indicator

    • Returns due to our error
    • First Contact Resolution

    • Phone Service Levels

    • Call Abandon Rates

    • Returns due to Manufacturing Faults (Customer Perception)
    Returns due to Manufacturing Faults (Confirmed after inspection)
  • Measure

    • Less than 1% of orders placed
    • 1.5 (average contact required to resolve an issue)
    • 80% of calls answered within 30 seconds (stretched target of 20 seconds from April onwards)
    • 2% of all calls

    • % by volume

    % by volume

  • May Results

    •           0.95%          
    • 1.7

    • 78%

    • 1%

    • 1.47%


  • June Results

    •           0.91%          
    • 1.4

    • 81%

    • 2%

    • 1.33%


  • July Results

    •           0.92%          
    • 1.2

    • 79%

    • 2%

    • 1.69%


Quality initiatives in progress
The cleaning process has been improved for fitted furniture to ensure no excess glue/dirt on join of lipping/edging. All stock was to be returned to supplier for rework and now all current stock is okay.

The fit of the Dorchester square basin to vanity unit is being reviewed with the supplier and feedback expected by end August.

Oyster Toilet Seats – KOY100, KOY101, KOY101S - Issue with incorrect colour being supplied to an approved sample. All stock inspected and rejected back to supplier and good replacement stock has already been airfreighted in.

Purple Standard Initiatives
We launched our four new surveys on 1st July and some of you may have received these already. Please take the time to complete these as they will give us valuable insight into what we need to focus on throughout the 2nd half of the year.

But don’t wait for our survey you can give us your feedback at any time by using one of the following options:

Online: www.heritagebathrooms.com/purplestandard
Email: purplestandard@heritagebathrooms.com

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